• Anna Kopitz

    Anna Kopitz

    A famous photographer of the Nazi era celebrating the beauty of the German bodies. See along with the Nazi youth policy board.
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  • Belle Epoque

    Belle Epoque

    The believed golden age in European civilization
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  • Eastern Front

    Eastern Front

    This is a very well known theme. I claim no originality and want only to show some pictures I deem interesting for what I have understood of this war.
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  • Einsatzgruppen In USSR

    Einsatzgruppen In USSR

    The Einsatzgruppen were a decisive step toward the Final Solution and they enjoined the collaboration of lots of Slavs living in the former Soviet Republics. This is not a only German story and you should see this board along with Nazi propaganda and collaborationism
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  • Entartete Art

    Entartete Art

    Photos from one of the most famous Nazi exhibition denouncing what they called "degenerated art" that included all non classical forms of contemporary art. See with the German Art Day in Munich board
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  • Faces of World War I

    Faces of World War I

    This is a tribute to all the fallen in a war they didn't understand what was about. I would pay a tribute to my grandfather who fought for 3 years on the Austro-Italian front of the Carso in the 4th Cavalry Regiment "Genova" in the 3rd Italian Army
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  • Fascist Propaganda

    Fascist Propaganda

    This is not a general overview of this topic: it focused above all about the claim of RSI fascism to represent the true Italy in a line of continuity with the Italian Risorgimento. The roots of the fight about what does it mean to be Italian at the end of WW2.
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  • German Art Day Munich

    German Art Day Munich

    At the end of the 1930s the Nazi regime organised a yearly celebration in Munich to celebrate the root of the German culture culminating in the new Germany of Adolf Hitler. These are witnesses of on of the most pervert use of history made by a totalitarian regime. Se along
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  • Ghettos


    What was living in the ghettos like? How the Jews in them tried to survive to terrible conditions and to maintain their dignity? See along with the Nazi occupation of Poland and the Einsatzgruppen In USSR boards.
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  • Holocaust


    In this board you dont' find sharp images of this tragedy. I'm interested more in investigating the human tragedy before the death comes. The sadness, the indifference, the normality for some of a routine activity.
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  • Japanese Imperialism

    Japanese Imperialism

    Some pics showing the sharpness and racial content of the Japanese Imperialism in Asia against the people they claimed to be part of "Asia co-prosperity sphere". This imperialism had nothing less than the Nazi one in Europe
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  • Nazi Occupation of Poland

    Nazi Occupation of Poland

    This board is devoted to the first manifestations of Nazi population policy in Eastern Europe against Slavs and Jews but I would like to investigate the relations between Poles and Jews under the German occupation. It has to be seen along with the Ghettos board
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  • Nazi Propaganda and Collaboration

    Nazi Propaganda and Collaboration

    Nazism was not only a German phenomenon but a very shared ideology across Europe. The shots in this board testify how widespread was the collaboration of all European peoples to the Nazi new European order.
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  • Nazi Youth Policy

    Nazi Youth Policy

    These pics clearly show how pervasive and attractive was the Nazi policy to the German youth and its strength in presenting a bright future where equality and join surely would have reached. See along with the Anna Koppitz board
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  • The Dark Side of the British Empire

    The Dark Side of the British Empire

    Was it so bright the British civilization of the Imperiali age at the end of the XIXth century? Not only non European people paid for it.
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  • USA Racism

    USA Racism

    It is the land of opportunities but not for all of its inhabitants."All men are created equal" took a long time to become at least partially true.
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  • Eastern European Jewry

    Eastern European Jewry

    Images from a world on the brink of its disappearing before the Nazi assault
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  • Pre-revolutionary Russia

    Pre-revolutionary Russia

    Russian world and society between 19th and 20th century
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  • Soviet Posters

    Soviet Posters

    The art of Bolshevik propaganda
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